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Hot Chick with Moist Panties…

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

This brunette chick is hot as hell…lucky for us she’s a fucking slut…we bring her into the studio for a little session and find out she is a pantie fetish freak…so she slowly gets undressed so we can savour every inch of her hot body and she leaves just her tight panties on.  Our boy then starts rubbing and playing with her box on top of her tight moist panties and she starts to get turned on big time…he moves the panties aside and starts licking and sucking on this sluts clit…hot pantie fetish action at its finest:




Hot Slut With Tight Camel Toe Panties

Friday, September 21st, 2007

This hot slut was spotted across the parking lot…her short shorts were hard to miss let me tell you….you could see the outline of her pussy thru her panties and shorts and we got a great look at her perfect camel toe.  It was easy to get this slut back to the office for further inspection of the camel toe.  She was totally into it and took down her shorts to show off her cute tight panties and buldging camel toe.   Fucking cute pussy lips on this broad so we decided to play with her pussy and get it nice and moist before a solid fucking…enjoy this hot pantie fetish camel toe exclusive set.




Camel Toe & Tight Pantie Teen

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

This hot teen is super cute and her pussy is even cuter…. her camel toe is spotted from miles away as she exposes her moist panties for everyone to see.  This one dude spots this pantie fetish slut and brings her back home where he rubs her moist red panties, whips up her jean skirt and pulls her panties tight to show her fat camel toe pussy lips...then he starts tapping that ass…